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Updated 21.05.18




Privacy policy

All communications and transactions are subject to the Privacy Policy of Richard Charon T/A The RA Coach©

Richard Charon T/A The RA Coach© will employ reasonable administrative, technical and physical measures to maintain the security and confidentiality of any and all data and information, including data and information about clients, potential clients and those that have made e-mail enquiries about it’s services.

Compliance with Data Protection Laws. 

The Data Controller

With regard to any personal data processed by Richard Charon T/A The RA Coach© in connection the services, Richard Charon T/A The RA Coach© will be a controller in respect of such processing.

Richard Charon T/A The RA Coach© agrees to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Laws applicable to controllers in respect of the provision of their services.

For the avoidance of doubt, Richard Charon T/A The RA Coach© has his own, independently determined privacy policies, notices and procedures for the personal data held and is a data controller. In complying with the Data Protection Laws, Dr. Richard Charon T/A The RA Coach, shall without limitation:

a.      Implement and maintain at all times all appropriate security measures in relation to the processing of personal data;

b.     Maintain a record of all processing activities carried out for the purposes of administering his business and;

c.      Not knowingly do anything or permit anything to be done which might lead to a breach of the Data Protection Laws.

 The Legal Basis

            Data held by Richard Charon T/A The RA Coach© concerning existing clients, enquirers or          potential clients are held on the basis of consent being given.

Categories of recipients of personal data

No personal data will be sold to any body or company.

Personal data will only be forwarded to the General Dental Council, The Royal College of Surgeons or professional indemnifiers, for the purpose of verification of course attendance and specifically to verify certification of competence, in accordance with the requirements of the RCS (STAC) course accreditation agreement for Richard Charon BDS and only with the expressed permission of the individual whose data is concerned.

Right to Withdraw Consent

Your right to withdraw consent for your data to be held or to be contacted by e-mail with information regarding Inhalation Sedation courses will be respected.

To withdraw consent use any available “Unsubscribe” button or e-mail your request to withdraw consent by stating “Please remove my name” to [email protected]

 Data Retention Period

Your data will be held for the purposes of reminders of Inhalation Sedation courses until such time as I, Richard Charon, decide to stop providing such services or upon my death.

The data will then be deleted by Richard Charon or his agent(s) in the event of his death from all computer systems where they are currently held and in any event within 12 calendar months of either event.


A Data Protection Impact Assessment has been carried out prior to 21.05.18

Results are available upon request

I  process information relevant to this business/service. This may include: 

  •     Personal details Name, e-mail address, Practice/business addreesses

  •     Business activities of the person whose personal information we are processing

  •     Training details

  •     Relevent education and employment details

 I DO NOT process ANY sensitive classes of information.
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