Updated  28th. Jan. 2015

Whether you are Accountants, IFAs, business coaches, mentors or members of the BDTA, it is in everyone’s interest for your client’s practices to be successful. On that we can all agree.

Would you like to be able to come up with a bright idea for your clients benefit?

That success will have many components but will also include:

  • Attracting new patients and growing the practice.
  • Keeping existing patients happy.
  • Offering new services.
  • Effectively competing with other practices.
  • Standing out from the crowd.
  • Reaching out to the 50% or so who do not attend the dentist.
  • Increasing the uptake of all types of dental treatment, which patients put off because of their anxiety.
  • Reducing stress for the dentist in having to deal with anxious and sometimes aggressive patients.

I have found in over 35 years that Inhalation Sedation, also known as “RA” (pron. Are-ray!) or Relative Analgesia, addresses all of these issues and more besides.

It is a great technique for calming the anxiety of even very anxious patients and results in terrific testimonials from very grateful patients, using a light gas and air, or happy air technique. It is very safe and patients recover rapidly and can return to work or school.

Yes there is a modest capital outlay (Approx £5000 per surgery or equipment can be shared between surgeries) and yes there are ongoing costs to hire gases, for annual servicing and training but this is easily covered by the fees charged on top of the fee for the treatment being undertaken. Suitable for most (though not all) anxious patients from 5-95. Typically the fee charged for adults would be close to £100 or more per session (depending on local market conditions) and I personally utilize the technique on average once a day. I’ll let you do the maths!

I have been running very successful, one-day, hands-on training courses in RA since 2003 and have received many glowing testimonials. I can also offer one to one mentoring to certify competency once the theory and practical courses have been completed.

I won’t take up too much more of your valuable time now BUT if you think there could be something in this for your clients, please contact me OR pass on my details.

07784 230 995

If you would like me to provide you with more information or a free one-hour presentation to a minimum of 20 of your clients, as an evening taster, please let me know too.

In the meantime there is a great deal of information on my website and here on my blog.

Let me introduce myself.

Dr.Richard Charon BDS - The R.A.Coach©

I am a mentor for SAAD and the DSTG (Dental Sedation teachers Group) and have run my own independant courses from my base in Newbury since 2003, four times each year. They have also been delivered elsewhere by invitation of Dr. Anne O’Donnell at prestigious practices in Ireland (Wexford and Dublin), at Richard Fretwell’s Guidepost practice in Northumberland, Andy Lane’s practice, Apollonia House in Saddleworth and forthcoming events in March 2013 in Statford–on-Avon with Rob Endicott

I know that all of these practice owners would happily provide a testimonial for the work that I do in this area.

Here are just two others.

Chris Barrow from Linkedin
Dental Business Coach, Chris Barrow, Monday 17th Feb. 2009.
" Dear Richard, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
 "Richard is a consummate professional - meticulous in his preparation and detailed in his research - I know of many dentists and team members who have attended his RA course and speak highly of him and the programme"

and from
Dr Peter A. Mounce
The Smile Team
[email protected]

“Richard is without doubt the leader in Inhalation Sedation training in general dental practice in the UK with over 30 years of study and experience in this field.

He is an extremely pleasant and able communicator who clearly loves his subject and has held an unswerving belief in the great value of this very safe light sedation to help patients overcome their anxieties about dental treatment.
His training course covers the subject fully and practically and very successful live demonstrations on really anxious patients prove the value of using these skills,
I have no hesitation in highly recommending Richard and his Conscious Sedation course to all members of the dental profession who truly care for their patients wellbeing"

So If I can help your clients, please let me know and/or pass on the link to this post.
Many thanks for your time and attention.