Updated  28th. Jan. 2015

One to One Mentoring in Inhalation Sedation

The current recommendations are that your first 10 cases are undertaken under one-to-one supervision.

Each case takes an hour allowing for assessment, consent, sedation, treatment, recovery, patient dismissal once fit to leave and the paperwork and notes required. This means that the mentoring program is a 2-day program, usually with 2-4 weeks between.

Once you have booked the mentoring program, you would be given detailed guidance on the type of patients to select, types of treatment to undertake and how the days would run.

The mentoring program will include advice and helpful hints for the reception team member(s) as well as your nurse

Please contact me if you wish to discuss one-to-one mentoring to gain a certificate of competency

to meet current guidelines.

Applies to Dentists. Therapists and Hygienists

[email protected]


The following practices have undertaken our mentoring program

Clapham Oasis - Dr. Nick Maxwell

Gedling Dental Practice (Nottingham) - Dr. Suresh Govind

Pennington Dental  (Southam) -Dr.Christopher Brown

Cahill Dental Practice (Bolton) - Dr. Michael Cahill & Kathryn Carey Dental Therapist

C The Dentist (Cheadle Cheshire) - Dr. John Campaigne -

Cottingham Dental (near Hull) - Dr. Rob Nichols

Clifton Smiles - (Bristol) Dr.Neil Gerrard

Harley St Dental Studio  (London) Dr. Mark Hughes