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Updated 2nd January 2018

2-day "Work-Based Assessment" program following DFay1 of Theory and pracatical demonstrations leading to a Certificate of Competency for Inhalation Sedation

" Karen Sutton of Beacon Dental Care Malvern: Thank you Richard Charon Can't recommend your mentoring enough. I 'qualify ' from the gold standard training program with confidence and looking forward to using my new skills to help as many people as possible! If you're not sure about doing this course message me and I will share my experience."

The current recommendation for new dental graduates and those new to dental Inhalation Sedation, is to arrange to treat 10 cases, mixed adults and children under supervision.

An allowance of 1 hour per case is needed to include pre-op assessment, consent process, sedation, treatment, recovery, post-op instructions, post-sedation patient observation, assessment and dissmisal and log diary completion and case discussion with mentor.

Realistically this is a 2-day project ending with a summative assessment, 30-question MCQ with a 70% pass-mark. All being well you will receive a formative assessment report and certificate of competency.

Those seeking to gain competency in Intravenous sedation need to have 20 cases undertaken under supervision. I would estimate an allowance of one and a half to two hours per case.

Please request details of the mentoring program, normally carried out over 2 days,  once a theory and practical course have been completed. The program is carried out at the mentees own practice. Equipment can be provided at a modest additional cost.

Considering our mentoring program?

July 2014

Dr.Rob Nichols during his mentoring session, at work with his patient sedated using Inhalation Sedation. Note his set up, the same as Michael Cahill's with the mixing head on a mobile stand BUT the gas cylinders sited away from the surgery, so both the gas supply and the scavenged waste gases pass through the connector block on the wall behind. A very neat arrangement.

A testimonial

29th December 2013: 

We received this very nice testimonial today from Dr. Suresh Govind of Nottingham:

"I first heard about Richard at a SAAD meeting. I had already undergone the weekend training course in IV sedation but was finding it very difficult to locate a mentor. Due to this difficulty and having read the astonishing results that could be achieved with IS I decided to enrol on one of Richard’s lecture courses in March 2013

The training involves a full day lecture followed by 2 days of in-house mentoring at your own practice. It is this latter part of the training where you really get to see the benefits of IS. Richard along with Chris, his wife, attends your practice and over a period of two days you see and treat 10 patients. Richard is on hand to guide you through setting up the machinery and the protocols required and his gentle manner is very reassuring when treating your first few patients.

Throughout the whole experience I found Richard to be a deep well of knowledge not only in IS but in the highs and lows of running a practice. My confidence grew with each patient and though I’m not saying I’ve mastered the technique I am looking forward to flying solo.

In short, if you do think that you could be of some help to the large numbers who don’t visit our practices through fear and anxiety, then IS is certainly worth considering and you could find no better teacher than Richard"

 Suresh Govind