Updated 5th August 2016

FULL 3-DAY COURSE DETAILS for 2016 - Feb 2017

Places are always limited

For those signing up for the 3-day competency certification course we include:

Free e-mail consultation/access to Dr. Charon to discuss any issues after the course for 12 months.

Non-UK Practitioners

Practitioners from outside the UK may attend the first day only and do not need to comply with current UK Guidelines afterwards.


The 3-Day "new starters" Course was accredited by the accreditation sub-committee of  IACSD from Dec 2015-2018.

This body was later disbanded and their role taken over by the STAC (Sedation Trainers Accreditation Committee of the Dental Faculty of the RCS) who have written to confirm that the accreditation still stands to be reviewed after Dec 31st 2018.

In Dec 2017 The Dental Council of Ireland, after consideration of the evidence submitted has also accepted these courses as meeting their requirements with a review date at the end of 2020.

However you must ensure that you comply with dental and legal requirements of your own country and I am not therefore responsible for your actions or your competence.

I am happy to consider travelling outside the UK and Ireland, to offer a structured mentoring program as offered to UK dentists.

A fee for that will be quoted on an individual basis

Course Fees based on 2014

£2285.00 + Travel and Hotel costs. 

(VAT does not apply)

50% of that basic course fee will be required 2 months in advance ( £1142.50)  once a place has been confirmed.

This will give time for the 10 cases required for the WBAs to be gathered and booked in. 

The remainder (1142.50+ travel and hotel costs where required) is to be paid 2 weeks ahead of the first of the 2 days of WBAs for each dentist.

Total course fees are therefore individually quoted on the following basis:
1 The full one-day course as delivered up to April 2015: £485.00 (Dentists and DCPs)
2. The accredited 2-day mentored "Work-Based Assessment" programs.
These include a summative assessment MCQ: 33 questions - 20 mins.
£1800 and a formative assessment report.
3. RDNs attending for vCPD purposes on the theory day: £208 
Travel and hotel costs for WBAs according to location of candidate’s practice/clinic.

Those from outside the UK attending for one day only the fees are £485 for dentists & DCPs and £280 for dental nurses. These fees to be paid in full 2 months in advance as above. Payment by BACS or IBAN (from outside the UK).
Details are on the application form to be sent out when places are requested.

These course fees have remained unchanged since

2014 and will be reviewed for courses

beginning the Feb. 2017 in Newbury


For all applicants

To Book your place(s)

1) E-mail us to confirm your place(s) have been reserved

                          [email protected]

2) Returned your completed application form which will be sent to you once you have e-mailed us.

3-day course fees:

3) Pay 50% of the confirmed fee in full by BACS  2 months in advance to secure your places. Our BACS or IBAN details will be supplied to you to you once you have e-mailed us.

Dental Nurses and chaperoning reminder

A dentist undertaking Inhalation Sedation/ "RA" has to be chaperoned and assisted by a Dental Nurse who has had appropriate training. DNs often have to field questions from patients and they need to fully understand the technique and the answers to FAQs. as well as being in a position to assist with monitoring the patient.

To conform with this requirement I will now, generally only offer places on my courses on a “team” basis. One GDP and one nurse or perhaps two or more GDPs from the same practice plus one or more dental nurses, if applicable will be accepted.

The Dental nurse training will NOT provide the certificate in Dental Sedation Nursing (CDSN). This must be done via NEBDN. However the one day theory and practical day it will provide the necessary training to allow a dentist or DCP to work with an appropriately trained and knowledgeable dental nurse who is working towards gaining a CDSN in the future if that certificate is not already held.


These courses are run with very small numbers to allow full participation and in-house one-to-one mentoring through the required "Work-Based Assessments". Our fees reflect the personal attention and "after sales service" and the costs of running and marketing them.