Why bother with inhalation sedation /  RA ?

You know how some patient’s names on the day list cause your heart to sink because they are so anxious or they gag or they are youngsters who are going to try your patience?

Which means that you may

• Run late (with income implications),
• Fail to do your best for your patient or
• Just fail to provide a successful “patient journey”

Well what I do is offer a hands on course will be held at my practice in Newbury with live patient demonstration. A far cry from dental hospital or lecture theatre environments.

Which means that you will be able confidently to offer this well tried and tested, safe and easy method of sedation to existing and new patients alike, growing your practice and gaining new testimonials from happy clients.

In turn, you will benefit from less stress and from being able to :

• To treat gaggers (molar endo and impressions included) ,
• 4 quadrant ortho extractions in one visit
• Treat virtually any moderately anxious patient aged from 4 – 94 and
• Discover a new way of differentiating your practice from the rest.
• And more besides

 R.A. is a practice builder !

Would you like to know more?

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